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Family and Community Health Sciences

What's Happening in Cape May County Family and Community Health Sciences?

Family and Community Healthy Sciences

Family and Community Health Sciences (FCHS) translates research into practical advice to help Cape May County residents stay healthy, enjoy life, be active and reduce health care costs.  Our areas of emphasis are nutrition, family and parenting.  Research shows that many chronic diseases – obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and some cancers – could be prevented through healthful eating and regular physical activity.   Research also shows that active parenting and family togetherness leads to improved development and behavior of the children and a strengthened family.  We offer a variety of initiatives, workshops and publications to help individuals and families make choices that will improve their health and wellbeing.

We communicate our initiatives through programs, newsletters and fact sheets.  Our programs and publications are available at low or no cost.  Classes are held at Rutgers Cooperative Extension in Cape May Court House as well as various locations around Cape May County.  Some publications are available in Spanish.


To get more information, sign up for our programs or to receive our free newsletters, call 609-465-5115 ext. 609.  We can also come speak to your group (staff or clientele).  Call for details or to schedule a workshop.

Email rochford@njaes.rutgers.edu

FCHS Brochure 

FCHS Outreach Focuses on:

Family Resources and Parenting

Nutrition, Diet and Health

School Wellness

Food Safety


Marilou Rochford, Family and Community Health Sciences Educator


Marian Courtney, Family and Community Health Sciences Secretary


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